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An iTunes controller built around displaying your Album Art.

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Artwork Description

Artwork is an iTunes controller built around displaying your Album Art. But Artwork goes beyond a picture box. You can use Artwork to search your iTunes library, see the current song's information, and even go fullscreen for parties.

Album Art
Artwork puts the album art back in the case, just as if you had the CD in your hand.

Small Real Estate?
Not everyone has 2½" of screen to spare. Choose between the Large and Small display.

Not Just A Pretty Face
Artwork also allows you to see the current track's Title, Artist, and Album, so you can easily check what's playing.

Private Eye
Looking for just one track? Don't want the hassle of going to iTunes? Use Artwork's built in Search to find and Play the track with just one click.

Putting On A Show
Having a party? Impress your friends with Artwork's fullscreen feature.

Information Animal
Artwork can use Growl to notify you when a new song starts playing.

Artwork Screenshots

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What's New in Artwork 1.0

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Artwork Requirements

Operating Systems:

Mac OS X

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

Quick Specifications

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